What is the Secret Place?

photo by io

What is the Secret Place you ask? Well if I told you then it wouldn't really be a secret, would it? There is a history to the name, that only a few know.

But WHAT IS IT? (you keep asking)

The Secret Place is a place for me to share my art, my explorations and the little bits of magic that I discover along the way. There will be curiosities both discovered and created, pieces of inspiration found in music, art and literature. There will be creatures, objects, people and places. There will be a fair amount of fantastic and quite likely a good sprinkling of silly.

Over the years we tend to forget that there is mystery and magic all around us, every day.  

It's in nature.

It's in our friends, family and in the strangers we greet with smiles.

It's in that little box you found in your grandparents' attic.

It's in music, art, literature and all things creative... in all the things we create, however small or seemingly insignificant.

The Secret Place is just a place to share all the nifty things I enjoy and all the strange things I create. As with most journeys, expect some evolution.