Monday, August 22, 2011

Going to Sleep

"Going to Sleep" - Phase one a painting based on the memories of my childhood bedroom.

I'm having an utter blast taking part in the BIG painting workshop! And more importantly, I'm actually painting... for myself and for the need to paint, not for any end goal of "for sale" or "for show." It's quite lovely.

One of the most interesting aspects of painting this way is how the paintings evolve on their own. It is a curious process. For example, in the piece seen above, I started simply with the memory I have of a Winnie the Pooh lamp in my childhood bedroom. Other objects insisted on being included... a teddy bear instead of Pooh, a Snoopy humidifier... a closet door, a pillow cover.

After the first day of working on the painting it wanted to rest. I didn't come back to it until today. I just wasn't ready, or perhaps the right elements hadn't surfaced yet. But when I did, it took a turn...

"Going to Sleep" - Phase two. Signed "Jenny" which no one but family and friends from youth call me anymore... seemed appropriate.

Suddenly the memory wasn't just about the cheery lamp anymore. It took on the feverish, trippy feeling of drifting off to sleep as a child with the flu. Hints of happiness and comfort, hints of dark shadows and weird dreams.

I can't wait to see what comes next...


  1. Oh Jennifer! Such a gentle story and such a gentle painting! I love the warmth that one can feel coming from it! :o)

  2. If this comment appears twice on your blog I appologize Jennifer! I'm sort of learning how to leave a message! So, what I was saying .... that i loved the gentle story and the gentle painting ......... and I was also saying that your painting sends very warm feelings and a sense of longing ......... Blessings, Corina

  3. oh Jennifer, how I love this painting. Thank you for sharing the story of how it came to be.
    xo Shauna

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